BlogEnsuring customer satisfaction with digital Onboarding

Ensuring customer satisfaction with digital Onboarding

Constantly evolving operational demands and growing customer expectations have led to a spurt in modernization efforts across businesses. The transformation of everyday processes has gained momentum with innovative, technology-driven solutions competently tackling challenges, pushing organizations firmly into the digital age. The primary objective is to deliver uninterrupted services to customers wherever and whenever they need them. To retain the competitive edge, organizations must ensure that these approaches comprehensively fulfil customer expectations.

Digital access—the needs

While IT solutions have already modernized the internal operations in most industries, a few functions remained unchanged. Some of these were bound by regulatory constraints; a few initiatives were met with apprehensions on security; in some cases, the attempted solutions did not have the versatility to address changing needs. 

With customers’ in-person access to touchpoints impaired, enabling remote access to services has become crucial. One of the critical processes impacted is customer onboarding, which traditionally entailed a physical verification of the person’s identity and documents. For a seamless digital transition that meets customers’ expectations, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Data and application security that offers customers the reassurance they need: The solution should be robust enough to thwart known and unknown attacks, complying with applicable local and international security standards.
  • Ease of use with simple, guided steps that do not overawe/daunt users: The key to ensuring customer acceptance is an intuitive interface design that incorporates modern, scientific ideas for an optimal experience.
  • Transparent and quick processing that boosts customers’ trust: Delays lead to uncertainties and doubt, impacting the utility of the solution. The application must also reflect the organization’s objectivity and customer-centric ethos.

Digital onboarding that delights customers

Onboarding involves the collection of data from users, validation of the credentials, and assessment through background checks if needed. When the process is digital, every step must be envisioned/reimagined from the customer’s perspective to offer them a fulfilling experience.

  • Collection of documents and images: Electronic documents and photos that are uploaded by users may be in diverse formats with varying quality. The solution must be capable of identifying relevant data across different documents that serve as proofs, such as ID cards, passports, and bank statements.
  • Data validation: Correlation of data across multiple documents or against government records must be automated for seamless verification, with little intervention required from the customer.
  • Auto-filling of forms: The solution must facilitate the generation of pre-filled forms with data automatically fetched from uploaded documents to make the process easy and trouble-free for users.
  • Identity verification: Ensuring accurately verified identity is crucial to block spoofing and impersonation attempts. Video KYC, biometric verification, and liveness checks should be tactfully designed to verify the identity with precision, with no discomfort caused to genuine users, and without compromising the robustness.

Securing customers’ confidence is critical for success. For establishing trust online, the solution should offer assured security and data privacy that are in line with best practices and industry norms. Besides these essential functional requirements, the system should also facilitate a speedy and transparent assessment to meet market demands and process efficiency enhancement objectives.

Today, optimizing digital onboarding workflows to align with customer expectations is an imperative need. The immediate benefit for businesses is the opportunity to retain the competitive edge. The positive impression inspires customers to stay engaged in the long run, opening the door for future cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Let’s make your onboarding process future-proof/Future-proof your onboarding process now

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