BlogUser experience driven identity verification applications will power the digital economy

User experience driven identity verification applications will power the digital economy

Digitalization is ushering in massive business opportunities and has led to increased online interactions between businesses and their customers. A drastic spurt in digital footprint – be it social or commercial, has radically altered customer outlook and has resulted in fundamental disruptions in their behaviour / expectations. Though technological advancements steer the digital economy, the basic building block for any business or service provider, whether contemporary or futuristic, will always be the customer. Customer-centricity has thus led to the evolution of user-focused design principles and approaches like the Design Thinking.

Design thinking, as a concept, has gained considerable traction in the recent past. Simply put, it is an iterative process that aims to solve complex business problems by adopting a ‘human-first’ or ‘customer-centric’ principle. Design thinking approach to an application development is driven by how the customers / end-users actually engage with the product rather than basing it on mere surmises. It is a powerful and effective process, focused on continuous improvement of the user experience, to build the best-of-the-breed solutions / products. Enhanced user experience leads to better customer satisfaction, promotes brand loyalty and helps garnering more business.

Customer on-boarding and digital identity verification are the key steps to create the much-needed first impression in the minds of the customers and establish stickiness with the business. Though security considerations have gained importance in the wake of burgeoning cybercrimes and identity frauds, the focus should still be on user experience. The core guiding principle of any technology platform must be sheer customer delight, ably complemented by a robust security framework. As the quote by Steve Krug goes, “…usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology”.

Customers expect easy-to-use applications with hassle-free navigation, simplified processing, faster on-boarding / turnaround and an overall pleasant digital experience while being mindful of their data and identity being safe with the business.  On the other hand, security considerations warrant building of strong fraud-proof identity verification systems. The need of the day hence is user-experience-driven secure identification verification systems.

Modern identity verification products such as Digid, built on robust design thinking-based framework, reinforce the fact that frictionless user experience and secure design considerations are not mutually exclusive, but are rather complementary. The following practical considerations will help businesses to create hassle-free user journeys at the time of on-boarding and identity validation, without compromising on the security considerations:

Embracing design thinking approach to product development and leveraging on adaptive security technologies that vastly reduce friction between usability and security is the way to go. The booming digital space combined with an increase in cybercrimes has vastly altered customer behaviour and demands. Businesses need to cater to their customer base by providing them with a pleasant digital experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing retention and business opportunities.

Digid, built on sound design thinking principles, offers the best-of-the-breed identity verification platform, placing user experience at its very core. Come, partner with us to create a fraud-proof digital business, delighting your customers at every step!


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